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Numberland - Early Math Development

Numberland is the early childhood mathematics education programme for kindergarden, primary school and special education developed by Prof. Gerhard Preiss.

Bild vom Dreierland, mit drei Bäumen ...

Sophias drawing of the Land of Three

”Good morning, dear numbers!“ This is how children between 2 ½ years of age and 7 all over Germany and in other European countries greet the numbers. Prof. Gerhard Preiss’s Numberland programme playfully introduces children to the world of mathematics.

Since it started in 2001, this programme has continued to attract interest in Germany and internationally. In 2003, cooperation with a world leader in educational services, DAEKYO, resulted in the successful implementation of the Numberland concept in the home school system in South Korea.

Download short description: The Numberland Education Programme (pdf)



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Numberland Short Description

The Numberland Education Programme (pdf)

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