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Teacher Training in Berlin: Numberland Prof. Preiß - Early Math Development

Leitung: Mrs. Anja Dittmeier, M.A., ACC

05.04.2017 in 14195 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

"Good morning, dear numbers!" This is how preschool children all over Germany and in other European countries greet the numbers. Prof. Gerhard Preiss’s Numberland programme playfully introduces children at the age of four years and older to the world of numbers.
The aims of the Numberland programme are to provide mathematics education for young children in a hands-on and fun way, to help children learn about the world and to make them aware of the relevance of this knowledge to their everyday lives. This innovative approach to early childhood education combines ideas from mathematics education with concepts from modern neurological research. This so-called “Neurodidactical” approach focuses on the child and his or her individual development.
Activities take place in the Number House, on the Number Street, and in ten Numberlands.

In this one-day teacher training you will be introduced into the basic concepts of Numberland and its theoretical foundation. You will get familiar with all the activities of lessons 1 to 10 of the Numberland Programme.

Seminar fee: 89 EUR per person

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Contact: Zahlenland Büro, Tel. 06434 90 36 33

Date and time

5th of April, 2017, from 9 am to 4 pm
Place: Kita International, Lentzeallee 8/14 in D-14195 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

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